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This North Georgia Christian Retreat Center, Fellowship Valley, has a rich history that can only add to your faith! 

God used two precious and obedient Saints, being that of Bonnie Hanson and Alline Marshall, to carry out a Vision that has impacted thousands. That same Vision continues today at Fellowship Valley Christian Retreat Ministry.

Place one foot on the grounds of this Spiritual Oasis and the very presence of the Lord can be felt.  Allow us to share the rich history behind this Georgia Christian Retreat Center. We highly recommend that you read the book,  “Two Weak Women And Amazing Grace”, by Bonnie Joan Hanson.  Or visit the Founders page by clicking here. It will certainly help you to truly understand the incredible story behind the Faith Journey that brought into existence this beautiful Christian Retreat Center nestled ever so peacefully in the foothills of the North Georgia mountains.

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Fellowship Valley Christian Retreat Center STAFF~

tinaTina M. Benoit, Executive Director:

Tina is one of several godly servants whom the Lord has chosen to move Fellowship Valley Christian Retreat Center forward.

Shortly after Bonnie went Home to be with The Lord, The Lord called Tina into full-time ministry at this North Georgia Christian Retreat Center to simply “prepare the place for the souls” He would soon be bringing.

So, in April of 2010, she “got out of the boat” and launched out into the deep. Little did she know at the time, what all of that “water-walking” would entail! However, she chose to be obedient to His “call”, trusting Him completely! Tina has not looked back since and is truly carrying on the Vision of the original founders, according to God’s Purpose and Plan!

In late December, 2011, after much prayer and seeking His Will to be carried out at the ministry, the present Board at that time, agreed that since she had already been doing the “job” for over a year, unanimously voted Tina in as the new Executive Director of Fellowship Valley Christian Retreat Center.

They found in Tina someone who shared the same vision as the original women, Bonnie and Alline!  Tina is faithfully praying and walking out the “New Beginnings” for the Lord’s work here at Fellowship Valley. She is truly honored to be “Called” by God to fill such extraordinary “shoes” and looks forward to all the new adventures He has planned!

north georgia retreatTina plans, books and coordinates the retreats, manages the work teams, does the bookkeeping, helps with the housekeeping, maintains the website and writes the blogs, maintains the grounds, equipment and machinery, all with the wonderful help from her trusty “sidekick”, Jackie and also from local volunteers. She is also the Caterer for all the retreats who come in and request those services.

She has worn and still wears many hats but has trusted God all along the way to bring more kindred servant hearts to carry on with the Vision of this extraordinary ministry called Fellowship Valley Christian Retreat Center.

Jackie Ottman was definitely a HUGE answer to prayer as being one of those “kindred servant hearts”!  

tinaandjackieAfter a couple of months “testing the waters” in May and June of 2015, by volunteering her services to help wherever the needs required assistance, she and Tina agreed that it was a good opportunity to “get out of the boat” and join the ministry full time on July 15th of that same year. She began a year-long adventure of “Water Walking” and in July of 2016, she was confirmed by the Board of Directors as an official “Staff Member” of Fellowship Valley Christian Retreat Center.  

She is just as comfortable making beds and cleaning the units as she is joining Tina in the Kitchen whipping up delicious food for the guests.  She has also become quite effective with her trusty weed-eater in helping to keep the grounds looking beautiful!  She and Tina have certainly become an “A-Team for God”! But then again, He always has a Plan and does things very well!

Jackie is also a Powerful Prayer Warrior who takes nothing for granted and prays for everything and everyone, knowing God is forever Faithful to answer her prayers in Abundant ways!

She has proven herself to be the perfect addition to this growing, life-changing ministry and we look forward to seeing all God plans to do through her obedience to His call for many years to come!

Volunteer Work Teams:

For the bigger jobs, He is faithful to send in His troops, that are so gratefully called, “work teams”, along with His abundant Provision. If you feel a nudge from Him, don’t hesitate to be a part of His Plan here! Contact us!

OUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Faith Ventures, Inc. (501c3)

Our current Board of Directors for Faith Ventures, Inc. are as follows:

  • Charlie Wilson, Chairman of the Board
  • Tina Benoit, Treasurer
  • Jacqueline Ottman, Secretary
  • Jack Anderson
  • Barbara Anderson
  • Tony Owens




  1. I read “Two Weak Women & Amazing Grace” what an amazing display of our Father’s love. I do have a question from the book (p.158) the international students ministry left by Hanna & Emma. Did God fill that role? Is there still a small focus of ministering and reaching out to international college students.
    Thank you.
    In Jesus’ Joy,
    James L. Linskey

    • Thank you, James, for your kind words regarding the book, “Two Weak Women & Amazing Grace”!
      And to answer your question in regards to the legacy of Hanna and Emma, the Lord has not filled that role that the ladies left for ministering to international college students, however, it is a heartfelt desire of ours to one day see Him restore that ministry here.
      At the present time, He is growing this ministry with upgrades, new buildings and devoted hearts of leadership in order to carry on His Plans for this Extraordinary Ministry!
      We look forward to continuing the Vision of our Sisters in Christ who have since gone Home to be with our Savior and we pray daily that we can be as effective as they were while they were here and more, for His Glory!
      Thank you again, for your kind words and “stay tuned” as we continue to show all that He is doing here in the “Valley”!
      Blessings to you ~
      Tina Benoit, Exec. Director
      Heb. 11:1

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