Upper Room Meeting Building at Christwalk in the Valley



God used two special ladies, Bonnie Hanson and Alline Marshall, to carry out a Vision that has impacted thousands. That same Vision continues to expand today at Christwalk in the Valley, a part of Christwalk International Ministries, Inc.

Place one foot on the grounds of this Spiritual Oasis and the very presence of the Lord can be felt.  Allow us to share the rich history behind this North Georgia Christian Retreat Center. We highly recommend that you read the book, Two Weak Women And Amazing Grace, by Bonnie Joan Hanson.



Nestled in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, Christwalk in the Valley encompasses 60 acres of natural beauty. Just a 1 ½ hour drive from Atlanta, the property contains a small lake with a walk over bridge, gazebo, dock and fire-ring by the shore. A short hike will lead you to the outdoor amphitheater, our hidden pond and waterfall. The dining hall, meeting rooms, 5 cabins and group lodge will accommodate groups of 60 overnight.

Bridge and lake at Christwalk in the Valley
Upper Room Meeting Building at Christwalk in the Valley


"Our mission is to reach all people with the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.”

Christwalk in the Valley is a faith-based ministry with an interdenominational outlook.

This Christian Retreat Center reaches out to all people, hoping they will learn to love like Christ and live by the truth of His word. Someone is always available to listen if you have a troubled heart or need pastoral counseling. We desire to pray with you in your time of need.

Christwalk in the Valley is designed to provide a place where individuals or groups can spend time for spiritual renewal and refreshment. It is a place where men and women can come, encounter God and leave totally committed to walk like Christ.




At Christwalk in the Valley, the team welcomes you to come experience a retreat from the secular world and grow closer to Jesus Christ.
Each team member is here to make your stay extraordinary. Click on our photo to learn more information.

Chip Woodall

Chip Woodall

Lead Pastor


Chip Woodall is the Lead Pastor for Christwalk in the Valley. He leads all ministry related duties and needs pertaining to the Valley Staff, Volunteers and Guests.


Chip is the visionary for Christwalk in the Valley and oversees all buildings and grounds. Through steps of faith over the last 27 years, the Lord has ordained Chip to found and lead Christwalk International Ministries, Inc. Another important part of the overall ministry vision and purpose is now Christwalk in the Valley. His goal is to equip the Lord’s people for works of service, so that the body of believers may be built up to “walk” like Christ in unity!


From directing the operations of the YMCA of Augusta, Georgia, to being licensed, then ordained, Chip has served on multiple church staffs and now pastors Christwalk Church in Cornelia, Georgia.


“The Lord is helping me discover every inch of Christwalk in the Valley. I am willing to do whatever it takes to reach unlimited souls for the storehouse with His redeeming love.”

Donna Woodall

Donna Woodall


Donna Woodall holds the role of Pastor’s Wife at Christwalk in the Valley and supports and assists with multiple ministry functions. She is the secretary/treasurer for Christwalk Ministries.


She has been married to Pastor for 31 years. Donna helps lead all ministry related duties at the Valley as well as homeschools their son, Tanner. She assists with house keeping and even grounds as needed. Answering the call to add Christwalk in the Valley to her list of responsibilities comes with great sacrifice for the woman married to the Pastor.


Donna has a strong prophetic gift of discernment that assists the leadership team in many areas of ministry at the Valley and the church.


Embracing the merger, expanding her duties and relocating her home to the Valley has seemed effortless for Donna because God orchestrated every detail. She is available for the staff, volunteers and guests with her unique gift of faith.


Donna’s desire is to serve God, her family and those who are brought to any area of Christwalk.

Tina Benoit

Tina Benoit

Executive Director


Tina Benoit is the Executive Director for ChristWalk in the Valley. She is responsible for all administrative duties, overseeing daily operations, and scheduling the retreats.


The Lord brought Tina to the ministry in 2005 during a time when she needed to seek Him for a major healing in her life. He answered her prayers in Supernatural ways! Five years later, in April of 2010, the Lord asked her to “step out of the boat” and follow Him into a “New Adventure “ in the Valley! She said “Yes” and has been here ever since, never looking back!


Tina’s background is very diverse and the Lord has been able to use all of those “life lessons” to be His Hands and Feet to help continue to move the ministry forward and to touch lives for His Glory!


Tina has certainly found her “place” here and looks forward to seeing all that God has planned for the Future of ChristWalk In The Valley!

Jackie Ottman

Jackie Ottman

Administrative Assistant

Jackie Ottman is the Administrative Assistant at ChristWalk In The Valley. Jackie oversees Housekeeping and Guest Accommodations to insure those who come to the Valley seeking the Lord’s Presence feel welcomed and loved.


The Lord brought Jackie to the ministry in 2015 at a time when she was seeking her own healing and desiring a closer walk with the Lord. She quickly found her place in this Family and the Lord has used, not only her many gifts and talents, but also her personal testimony to touch many lives.


Jackie’s testimony gives endless people Hope and Encouragement; knowing how much their Heavenly Father loves them! Jackie tells everyone that the Lord has brought her to her “Promised Land!”


She knows the Valley is exactly where God has intended her to be, and she is excited to be a part of a place where others also come to seek the Lord for their lives.

Jonah Norman

Jonah Norman

Assistant Building and Grounds Director


Jonah Norman is the Assistant Buildings and Grounds Director and a speaker for Christwalk Conferences, Retreats and Special Events hosted at Christwalk in the Valley.
Jonah has a heart for raising up the next generation for the Lord, so ministering to youth and young adults at the Valley is what he is most passionate about.

He moved to Christwalk In the Valley with his wife, Emilee in August 2018 to be a part of this “new” thing God is doing.

“I feel so blessed to learn ministry and walk in the presence of God every day, at this amazing place. Encountering God through the beautiful mountain property and having opportunities to touch people through conferences and retreats is a direct answer to years of prayer.”

Emilee Norman

Emilee Norman

Worship Leader

Emilee Norman is the Worship Leader for Christwalk in the Valley. She is responsible for worship encounters for specific Christwalk Conferences, Retreats and Special Ministry Events. (Groups can still bring their own worship leaders for private retreats if they desire). Emilee also has duties with housekeeping as part of guest accommodations. God called Emilee to the Valley with her husband, Jonah and Christwalk International Ministries.


She has been singing in church since the age of 10 and received additional training through 4 years of musical theater. Emilee currently leads worship with a team of gifted singers and musicians at Christwalk Church in Cornelia, Georgia.


“I feel blessed to encounter Jesus every day with so many wonderful people at this anointed retreat center. I especially love meeting the different guests who stay with us from week to week. Christwalk in the Valley is something my siblings and I have prayed for since I was a young girl, so watching this unfold increases my faith. I hope to share my prayer story with many of our Valley Guests and sit back and say, “Look at God!”

Tanner Woodall

Tanner Woodall



Tanner Woodall is the Groundskeeper for Christwalk in the Valley. He is responsible for mowing all areas of the property, as well as trimming and grooming the common grounds area.


The Lord brought Tanner to the Valley along with his family. The interesting part is he had been praying for a zero turn to cut his yard. God answered Tanner’s prayers by not only delivering the mower, but also an additional 60 acres to help maintain.


He can drive tractors, back trailers and even operate dump trucks, if given the opportunity. Tanner has a strong anointing on his life and feels he will receive his own pulpit for ministry by the time he turns 18 years old.



For the bigger jobs, He is faithful to send in His troops, that are so gratefully called, “work teams”, along with His abundant Provision. Christwalk Community Church sends members to "The Valley" each week to work wherever needed. Weekly workdays are Tuesday 9am-Noon.

If you feel a nudge from Him, or your Church group would like to do on-site mission work, don’t hesitate to be a part of His Plan! Call and schedule your very own mission-work retreat at the Valley. This is a fee based retreat but would involve work projects on site for your group. Call for more information. (770) 868-9440

teenage girl carrying stick on trail at Christwalk in the Valley
Meeting Hall at Christwalk in the Valley


Christwalk in the Valley Board of Directors

Faith Ventures, Inc. (501c3)

  • Charlie Wilson, Chairman of the Board
  • Jacqueline Ottman, Secretary
  • Tina Benoit, Treasurer
  • Jack Anderson
  • Barbara Anderson
  • Tony Owens

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