Dining & Meeting Halls


New Updated Kitchen

Our MAIN UPDATED KITCHEN:  Once we completed our new, expanded Kitchen and set it up to cater to our many groups who join us each year, we found it necessary to no longer rent out the Kitchen for groups to use.  But we can assure you that you will be glad you allowed us to minister to your tummies while the Lord ministers to your spirits!  Either way, no one leaves hungry!

The Dining Hall/Meeting Hall/Kitchen facility will seat up to 80 people in the dining room and there are plenty of seats for the meeting area. The DINING ROOM and MEETING ROOM are located on the lakeshore.  In the MEETING AREA, we supply a sound system, a projector and projector screen as well as a podium for your use. 

Serving almost as an extension of our meeting room, the campfire circle at the lakeshore is just outside the main meeting/dining room. Groups can take advantage of this area for evening fellowship as well as sharing sessions or songfests. And when the campfire has burned down to a fine glow, a marshmallow roast is in order! There are also picnic benches, tables, and chairs where our guests can enjoy an outdoor meal in this area.

We also provide FREE WIFI, located at the Dining Hall/Meeting Hall, the Upper Room, and the Log Home, where you can sit inside or on a nice day, sit at one of the picnic tables by the lake or on the decks of the cabins and “surf” away!  


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