north georgia christian retreat

Discount-Why Take A Retreat?

The role Christian Retreats play in the life of the Body of Christ cannot be emphasized enough. Jesus said, “Come away with Me.” He often withdrew, to hear the Father. This North Georgia Retreat Center is the perfect place to find a place to rest and hear the Father’s voice.

New Outdoor Sanctuary

Outdoor Sanctuary

We encourage you to pray about planning a retreat soon, so that your people will have the opportunity for spiritual strengthening, so they will be better able to withstand the temptations of today’s society, and walk humbly with their God.

Many lives are filled with pressures, rush and noise. We offer this quiet, forested mountain retreat where people can come to wait on the Lord and then return to their usual lives with a renewed sense of His Presence, Purpose and Leading in all of life’s circumstances.

Article about the Value of Rest

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