The Mission Of North Georgia Retreat Center

The mission of this Premier North Georgia Christian Retreat Center, Fellowship Valley, can be best summed up by one of its founders, Bonnie J. Hanson in her book, “Two Weak Women and Amazing Grace”, the story of Fellowship Valley:

Based from Isaiah 58-

“This is the ministry which is going on and will continue at Fellowship Valley–a reaching out and drawing in of lives which are bound, hurting, oppressed, and broken. It is a ministry of praying, counseling, teaching, encouraging, and deepening in Christ.” 

Fellowship Valley is a faith ministry with an interdenominational outlook. This North Georgia Christian Retreat Center reaches out in fellowship to all who love Jesus Christ. You can always count on someone being available to listen to you if you have a troubled heart, to counsel, and to pray with you in your time of need. Fellowship Valley has only one purpose—-to provide a place where individuals or groups can spend time for spiritual renewal and refreshment, where men and women can come into a totally committed life with Christ.

Fellowship Valley hosts many church-related groups for retreats. College groups, couples retreats, men’s and women’s conferences, staff and leadership gatherings, as well as a variety of other groups and individuals who come for a time of prayer and spiritual renewal.

The main fellowship hall has Wi-Fi capabilities for presentations and other internet related presentations for conferences and meetings.

Fellowship Valley is located only one hundred miles (2 hour drive) from Atlanta.)

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