North Georgia Christian Retreat: God Is Moving

North Georgia Christian Retreat Center: God IS Moving

Past blog post by Tina Benoit, Executive Director of Fellowship Valley


Psalm 127:1 ~ Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the LORD protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good.

This scripture couldn’t be more true for Fellowship Valley in its past or present state nor in the future north georgia christian retreatthat lies before us!  This ministry and all that has been poured into it over the many years of its existence, could only have been made possible by the very desire of God.  To be a part of this ministry, watching on a daily basis, the Hand of God work all things out for His Glory is nothing short of awesome!  This is His Ministry, we are His disciples and it truly is all about Him!

I have a little ritual that just sort of happens on a daily basis.  Every day, I start out with my “to do list” and I present it to God.  He “looks it over”, giggles, hands it back and says, “That’s nice, my child… now allow Me to give you an idea of what’s REALLY going to happen…”  And my day begins!  And as my original “to do list” gets tossed to the side, usually before 9am, I’ve learned to say, “Praise the Lord!  It’s ALL gotta be done!”

Although the original “To Do List”, consisting of 3,645 pages and 10,526 items (or so it has seemed for so long…) is shrinking at a most glorious rate, it has been accomplished not by anything we’ve done, outside of just being “obedient” to His call, but by His Will and Purpose for Fellowship Valley.  And oh… what a sight to behold!

We have been so blessed with one “work team” after another coming in to offer whatever gift they’ve been given to help restore, renovate, rejuvenate and re-establish God’s Purpose of a Discipleship Ministry back to Fellowship Valley Christian Retreat Center!  Here’s just a sample list of what’s been happening since the beginning of this year:

~Because of our friends from H.I.M. (Home Improvement Ministry, Clayton Georgia) and other friends of the ministry who have selflessly given of themselves, we have had more fallen trees and brush cleared away. The big tree in front of Lakeview, that was rotten and ready to fall with the next wind on top of a power line and Cabin #2, has been successfully removed. Several trees by the dining hall have been cleared away from the NEW line to the NEW light poll by the bridge that was just installed (by Ronnie of H.I.M.).

~Most, if not all, of our plumbing issues have been resolved and repaired.

~With the exception of adding an outlet to my kitchen and wall, (which will be done next week) all of our electrical issues have been resolved and repaired.

~The deck on Cabin #2 has been repaired with new railings! Looks great! The bedroom has also been painted and the issue with the floor/counter pulling away from the wall has been fixed.

~One of the mobile homes has been completely painted inside and looks fantastic!

~Floors have been repaired and recovered in some of the cabins.

~The rotten siding around the kitchen/dining hall has been replaced and repaired.

~ALL the roofs and gutters have been cleaned out!

~Donations of everything from (14) sets of King size sheets, tables, couches, chairs, lamps, refrigerators, a dishwasher, (6) picnic tables and a huge answered prayer of a chipper/shredder as well as financial gifts are coming in constantly!

~The Lakeview cabin is just a couple of weeks away from being completely renovated with new, gorgeous hardwood floors, fresh coat of paint, brand new remodeled bathroom and tiled kitchen and new decor!  It is becoming the New Standard for how we will be remodeling the other units in the future!

~AND… drum roll please…. The water wheel has been completely repaired and “spinning like a top” effortlessly on its own with water from the drain pipe from the lake!!! A true gentleman and wonderful neighbor, Richard, who lives just down the road and has worked with H.I.M. many times in the past, was called by G.A. (the head of the ministry) and given the challenge to make this happen! Richard said every time he passed by the Mill and Water Wheel, he always wondered in the back of his mind what it would take to get that working again. He took on the challenge, along with a little help from his friends, and refused to let it go!!!  His persistence has paid off!  What a sight to behold when coming around that corner to see that wheel turning!  It’s a confirmation that the Spirit of God is flowing in the Valley like never before!  Now it’s time to renovate the building, itself, and God is already placing that desire on the hearts of those willing to take on such a project!  We are so looking forward to that completion! Praise God!  (I will be inserting a video of this “Miracle in Motion” soon!)

We also are looking forward to other “teams” coming over the next couple of weeks to put their hands to the plow and help continue this incredibly HUGE renovation project here, all around the property!  We have a group from North Georgia Church in Dawsonville who will be coming in a couple of weeks to do some pressure washing, tree trimming, landscaping and flower planting!  We have our friends from Lilburn First Baptist Church and also our friends from Pleasant Valley Church in Rome, Georgia coming in April to take on a huge project or two!  And of course, our “locals” who always show up just in the nick of time to help with those “little jobs” that require more than a pair of hands…  And because of generous donations from our friends of this ministry, we’ve been able to purchase roofing sealant and we have someone who has volunteered to apply it to all of the roofs in need of repair!  God is leaving no stone unturned!

But, most of all, we are back to booking retreats from churches and groups who have been here in the past, but also a lot of new churches and groups who’ve heard about us through word of mouth, Facebook or this website!   Yep!  God is moving and having His way in this Valley!  And we wouldn’t have it any other “way”!

 Psalm 127:1 ~ Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the LORD protects a city, guarding it with sentries will do no good.

 Stay tuned!  It’s only the beginning!…

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