2017…It Was a Very Good Year!!!

Isaiah 54:2“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.” 

2017 was such a God-Awesome Year!!! The Blessings were rolling in so fast we hardly had a chance to catch our breaths!!!  Here are just a “few” of the Blessings that chased us down and overtook us!


  • *Completion of The Upper Room with Ductless HVAC, handicapped ramp/walkway, landscaping*Multi-
  • *Tree Removal (9 problem trees) from Cabin #1 and Fellowship/Dining Hall by McAllister Tree Service
  • *Walking Trail around the property by volunteers from the Youth Group of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Wiley, Georgia
  • *Ladies group from Alcovy Baptist Church, Dacula, Georgia made and attached 50 “Scripture Signs” all around the property and walking trails
  • *Remodeled Bathroom at Pinecrest by H.I.M. volunteers of Clayton, Georgia
  • *Installed new insulation under Lakeview Cabin
  • *Added rails around platform at Outdoor Sanctuary by volunteers from St. Ann’s Catholic Church of Marietta, Georgia
  • *Roof-overs/Covered Decks completed at Cabins of Deer Haven by various local contractors
  • *Log Home repaired from woodpecker/carpenter bee damage, sealed and painted
  • *Log Home – upstairs on the inside – caulked and painted
  • *Cabin #1 was painted on the outside by Elias Miguel Painting Company
  • *New HVAC at #263 Deer Haven
  • *Dining Hall/Meeting Room flooring repairs, New Exterior Doors installed by volunteers of St. Ann’s in Marietta
  • *Purchased New Picnic Tables and Chairs for Main Lawn at Dining Hall/Lake through Gifts received 
  • *New “faux” retaining wall was installed at “red mudbank” in front of Log Home by Youth Ministry volunteers from Calvary Lutheran Church in Concord, North Carolina
  • *Our Water Wheel House was repaired, cleaned and stained by volunteers of St. Ann’s of Marietta
  • *Our Tool and Work Shop was organized by the volunteer ladies of St. Ann’s of Marietta 
  • *Thanks to Hurricane Irma, (2) new Freezers and (2) new Refrigerators for the Main Kitchen
  • *Had new WiFi added to the Upper Room and Log Home, as well as 2 of the Deer Haven cabins
  • *The website was upgraded by Theresa Croft with Kingdom Messenger Network
  • *Started demolition of the old Kitchen in the middle of December in order to remodel and create a new Handicapped accessible Entrance and create (2) bathrooms with one being Handicapped accessible
  • *New Staff Interns, Jacob and Dulce Pacifici, moved in on December 31st to begin offering their help to the Ministry (And what Blessings they have already been!) 

And all of this is just the beginning of what God is doing in the Valley!  2018 has already started off with showing no signs of slowing down and is proving to be right in line with what The Lord’s Plans are for this Special Place!  Here are just a fewlookupto cabin of the projects we are expecting to accomplish this year:

  • Complete the Remodel of old Kitchen/New Entrance by the first of February
  • Repair and Paint exterior of the Lakeview Cabin
  • Repair and Paint exterior of Cabin #2
  • Insulate underneath Cabin #2
  • Replace Bathroom Floor in Cabin #2 with new tile
  • Build a roof over porch on Cabin #2
  • Finish Paint Touch up on all cabins in Deer Haven Community
  • Stain decks and rails at Log Home, Upper Room and Bridges/Steps
  • Repair and Paint shops and outbuildings
  • Property clean up from trees that fell during Hurricane Irma last September
  • Add lights to path from Fellowship Hall to Outdoor Sanctuary and all around Outdoor Sanctuary
  • Install new HVAC at #262 in Deer Haven Community
  • Landscape grading to help with water issues during heavy rains
  • Pave Entrance to Retreat Center
  • New Retaining Wall
  • Re-surface drive to Deer Haven Community
  • Either replace roof on Pinecrest/Dorm Building OR build (2) new Metal Dorm Buildings that will hold 50 guests each and replace existing Dorm Building with a New Chapel
  • Begin the removal of the old Director’s House and replace with a new Chalet that will hold 32 guests, complete with ample meeting space on the lower level and a kitchen area plus additional parking
  • Replace the double wide unit across street from the entrance of the Ministry with new Director’s House complete with new Offices

infront of kitchenAnd here are few “needs” we are praying in as well:

  • A good, reliable 6 cylinder work truck for the Ministry (We’ll need it with all the construction work in the Plans!)
  • A good, reliable van, preferably a Honda Odyssey (to replace our current “Gracie”) for everyday ministry business and general transportation. 
  • A small (John Deere) tractor for keeping the driveways smoothed out and for hauling mulch around the property
  • (2) Gators for moving around the property and trails for clean up and hauling and general work needs.
  • Generator for New Kitchen/Fellowship Hall 
  • Donations for monthly “Staff Support” for all the full-time staff here who devote all of their time to helping this ministry function for all the groups and people that come.
  • Donations for the new building projects as the Lord leads and open doors.

This past year of 2017 definitely saw a lot of wonderful changes and growth to this ministry, but as we head into our 40th year of serving the Body of Christ, 2018 is looking even more incredible!  We are standing in faith to receive all that the Lord has Planned and we pray that we are right in the center of His Will in all that we do here. After 40 years, this “Life Changing Ministry” is moving forward to step into it’s New Promised Land!!!  God is so Faithful!!!

We could never thank all of you who have prayed, volunteered and given financially into this ministry enough for your continuing love, prayers, and support! You are ALL very much a part of all that God is doing here at Fellowship Valley Christian Retreat Ministry!!!  And to all who feel the leading of God to join us on this wonderful adventure, don’t hesitate!  Come and Grow With Us!!!

May God’s Blessings chase you down and overwhelm each of you as well!!!

The Team At Fellowship Valley Christian Retreat Ministry ~ Tina, Jackie, Jacob and Dulce




  1. Barbara J Williams

    So happy for you! Lots of great memories made there with our Nweds from North Metro Church Marietta,GA!

  2. Praising God with you for His work at Fellowship Valley. Alline and Bonnie would have been thrilled to see the ministry strongly continuing! May God continue to use you for His glory!

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