N. Ga. Retreat Center: To Do List

N. Ga. Retreat Center: “The To Do List”

The “To Do List” is a common thought and blog post here at Fellowship Valley. Check out the prograss of this N. Ga. Retreat Center as it progresses forward to the vision of it’s founders. Volunteers, skilled workers, and donations are always welcome. Fellowship Valley is a 501c Non-Profit Group.

Past Blog Post by Tina Benoit

God is so Faithful!!!

Since the last posting of the Always Exciting/Never Ending “To-Do List” the first of the year, God has n. ga retreat centerdefinitely shown up, shown off and has received ALL the Glory!!!  It is now time to hit the “refresh” button on this one and get everyone updated!  And although the list still may seem long (Alline always said, “You’ll never run out of things to do here!”), that’s okay… because, by His Grace and constant Provision, we are making progress and moving forward, in His Perfect and Precious Timing!

Please peruse through the list below, and if you see anything that “strikes a chord in you spirit”, don’t hesitate to act on it!  Remember:  All that is done here, is done for the Glory of God and for His Mighty Purposes to equip, edify and disciple His Saints for the days ahead, so know that you are sowing into Good, Good Ground!  Therefore, any help, in any area is and will always be greatly appreciated! Okay, here goes…


  • ~Every square inch of this property  – Bathed in Prayer.  This entire ministry would not be here, but for the Prayer Warriors who’ve dedicated themselves to lifting up God’s Plan and Purpose, here in the Valley through prayer and expectation that His Will is being done… His Way!


  • ~ Dining Hall: Leaky roof.   (Right now, we have tarped the “leaky” part)
  • ~ Log Home:  Leaks on upper deck. Need to check in attic for leaks.
  • ~ Bunk House: Leaks in center, drips down wall.
  • ~ Cabin #2: Leaks at edge toward lake. Around where old window use to be/still is in living room. DONE! 
  • ~ (3) Single Wide Mobile Homes – across road: All need light pressure washing and roof coating “mopped” on. (Shouldn’t walk on these roofs either…)  (In Process: 1 down, 2 to go!)
  • ~ Double Wide Mobile Home – across road: Needs new decking and roof.

~ Electrical Work:

  • ~The Mill/Water Wheel:  Electricity re-ran for lights/electrical (In Process!)
  • ~Exterior Spot Light:  Additional lighting around lake (In Process!)
  • ~Exterior Spot Light:  Additional lighting between Log Home & Lakeview Cabin
  • ~Kitchen:  220 to be run for newly donated electrical stove

~ Plumbing:

  • ~Log Home:  Downstairs Master bath needs new toilet DONE!
  • ~Main House:  Needs new toilet (In Process!)
  • ~Double Wide Mobile Home:  Hall bath needs new toilet (In Process!)
  • ~Double Wide Mobile Home:  Need newly donated Dishwasher installed

~ Painting: (Interior and Exterior) 

  • ~Log Home – Upstairs and Downstairs:  Interior
  • ~Lakeview – Exterior
  • ~ Cabin #1 – Upstairs and Downstairs :  Interior
  • ~Cabin #2 – Exterior
  • ~(4) Bridges  – pressure washed / stained or painted
  • ~Gazebo – pressure washed / stained

~ Tree Cutting/Clean up: ( Need to bring own chain saws.)

  • ~From 1st Pump House to White Bridge– Clear all underbrush to open “view” DONE!
  • ~From Mill to Main Drive  – Clear all underbrush and small trees
  • ~From Entrance of Main Drive to Cabin #1  – Clear all underbrush and small trees (In Process!)
  • ~From White Bridge up to Hidden Lake   – Clear all underbrush and small trees
  • ~Around Hidden Lake  – Clear all underbrush and small trees to “unhide” it!
  • ~Ditches  – Need cleaning out of leaves and dirt  (In Process!)


  • ~Water Wheel – Trench out stream; line with  large stones
  • ~Flower beds  – Weed; Plant flowers/plants
  • ~Around Lakes  – Weed; Plant flowers/plants
  • ~Cabins/Buildings  – Weed; Plant flowers/plants
  • ~Main Entrance/Lawn  – Railroad Ties & Fill Dirt installed
  • ~Main Lawn  – Old RR Tie Steps and Boxwood shrubs removed

~Carpentry/Demolition /Repair:

  • ~Mobile Home (2) areas flooring needs to be repaired (water damage)
  • ~Mobile Homes  – (2) Need to be demo’d and removed
  • ~Mobile Home  – Old kitchen countertop removed/replaced
  • ~Mobile Home  – Kitchen cabinets need to be replaced/repaired
  • ~Double Wide  – Kitchen cabinet doors to be replaced
  • ~Basement of Main House  – needs to be gutted of all trash and sheet rock (mold issue), bleached and beams need to be jacked back up to “level”.
  • ~Old Mill  – (Front Porch) Old boards to be replaced/repaired.
  • ~Old Mill  – (3) windows to be replaced/(1) new to be installed
  • ~Dock  – Rotten boards replaced
  • ~Between Cabin #1 and Cabin #2  – Steps installed to walking path
  • ~Pinecrest (Dorm Building)  – Front “Facing” of porch needs rotten wood replaced (ladder work required)
  • ~Cabin #2  – A/C unit installed into Living Room Wall (ladder work required) DONE!
  • ~Benches  – Build new, simple designs for around lakes, quiet areas


  • ~All Facilities   – Curtains, Bedskirts (need own sewing machines)

~Material Needs: (Please, all donations to be in Good Condition at the very least… we’re furnishing this place for the Lord!)

 “Ye have not, because ye ask not…” Well, we’re asking! Thank You, Lord!

  • ~ Furniture  – Couches, Coffee Tables, Side Tables, Dining Tables, Chairs, Beds
  • ~Misc. items   – (to re-decorate cabins and facilities in a “cabin/country” tone) pictures, lighting, wall art, throw pillows, curtains, novelty items, Christian theme, etc.
  • ~ Outdoor furniture –  benches, swings, Adirondack chairs…
  • ~ Landscaping  – plants, shrubs, annuals, perennials, mulch, pine straw, fill dirt, RailRoad Ties, Stepping Stones
  • ~Machinery  – Skid Loader (I had to ask!) like a Bob Cat or the like…
  • ~Financial Contributions– Any size is always welcomed!

This list is new and updated and even though it seems extensive, (I’m already thinking of a couple more things to add once some of this gets accomplished!) it’s really not… at least nothing like it was two years ago and certainly NOT for a 60 acre retreat with 18+ buildings!  These issues do not interfere with any retreats, any more than they would interfere with your own living situation.  They are just issues that need attention.  And we’re getting there… one day, one volunteer, one step at a time… And all by God’s Amazing Grace!

Just let me know if there’s anything that “grabs your attention”. And feel free to send this on to your email list. There are a lot of people out there who want to serve, they just don’t know where, how, when or even if! Now you can help them with that. As you can see, there’s plenty here for everyone! Maybe, you would want to get a group together and make it a “working/fellowship retreat” or a “team building” retreat. That’s always fun!

We also welcome all financial donations for this worthy cause and remember, we are a 501c3 so all donations, in whatever form, are a qualified tax deduction. As I said earlier, any and all help is and will be greatly appreciated and He promises to Bless back to overflowing! I look forward to hearing back from one and all real soon! God Bless each of you real BIG!

In His Service, for His Glory ~ Always!


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