Pinecrest Lodge Receives A New “Four-Season” Outdoor Entrance

Why Should You Choose Pinecrest Lodge?


Pinecrest Lodge Outdoor Entrance at Christwalk in the ValleyThe Pinecrest Lodge just received an amazing new entrance as the first phase of renovation at Christwalk in the Valley.

The name change has been unanimously well-received with over 2,300 emails and Facebook responses. Meanwhile, the Valley staff and volunteers are fast at work landscaping more property and building a new “four-season” outdoor entrance to our largest overnight unit, Pinecrest! The renovation includes a spacious deck with an arbor-style cover. The deck overlooks our Valley Lake and Dining Hall. It is encompassed with wrap around bench seating for your group. We cannot wait to add the decorative lighting, which will run from the existing porch and down the steps and three level landing pads.

The purpose for this renovation is three-fold: to create outdoor meeting space for all four seasons, to provide comfortable space for guests to sit and enjoy the view off the mountain and to make the entrance to Pinecrest almost effortless.

What Other Improvements Are Planned?


Pinecrest Lodge Outdoor landing at Christwalk in the Valley

By Thanksgiving 2018, Pinecrest will no longer be all bunk-style accommodations. In addition to new carpet, mostly all the bunk beds will be gone and single beds will be added like our other units.

The bonus of our new “hotel quality” sheets and pillow cases will make your stay at Pinecrest feel luxurious. The final perk at Pinecrest will be new, thicker bath towels for a nice touch of hospitality during your stay.





What Future Plans Will Make This Special?


Additional plans for Pinecrest will include an outdoor patio area on the back with ceiling fans. This area will be great for group bible studies or gatherings.

The patio will extend out from the back covering and turn to a gravel area with swings underneath the high canopy of trees. It will be perfect for sitting around a large, stone fire-pit. This back area will offer options for night-time activities or early morning coffee drinkers who want to make their way 50-yards around the hiking trail to our out-door chapel in the woods.

The outdoor chapel includes a stacked-stone stage and stone benches that will accommodate up to 60 people in amphitheater-style seating.


Why Is Pinecrest The First Renovation Project?


Pinecrest Lodge Outdoor Entrance at Christwalk in the Valley

The new vision is springing forth (Is. 43:19) and you are on our minds and in our prayers.

We decided to start with Pinecrest because it houses the largest groups. Up to 20 guests can comfortably stay overnight at Pinecrest; we can even squeeze in a few more if needed. With multiple private showers, sinks and bathroom facilities, everything you need is at Pinecrest.

With this renovation, it is now our premiere accommodation for larger groups. Lastly, the lodge sleeps 10-12 on each side, so you can have males and females separated under one roof if needed or choose one side for your entire small group to be together.


Have You Made Your Reservation Yet?

Call or email us to make your reservations today at You will be greatly blessed by staying in our Pinecrest Lodge at Christwalk in the Valley. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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