Valley Views


Christwalk in the Valley, nestled in the North Georgia mountains, is home to one of the most beautiful, natural settings in the state. Enveloped by multitudes of mountains, the 55-acres at the valley is a display of God’s handiwork, where guests can enjoy a natural lake, pond, streams, a waterfall, wildlife, and native plants.


Valley Lake

All cabins have amazing views of the lake and the walking path is accessible from any direction.

Our lake is centrally located and stocked with Bass and Brim. Fishing is allowed with a catch and release policy in place. No fishing license is required, however children under 10 must have adult supervision.

Christwalk in the Valley Upper Pond Autumn Leaves

The Upper Pond

The Valley has one large pond located at the top of our property. Fishing is allowed in this area as well.

The Upper Pond is the source of our waterfall that feeds the lake. A walking trail is accessible around the Upper Pond, and you will see a canopy of mountain laurel.

Miss Alline Marshall, one of the original founders, was praying at the Upper Pond years ago and felt something licking her hand. When she opened her eyes, she realized it was a bear.

You are certain to see some type of nature around the Upper Pond. Bears are occasionally around any mountain setting, but they have never bothered any guests at the Valley. However, we do not recommend trying to pet the bears!

Waterfall from Upper pond at Christwalk in the Valley


The Waterfall is the Valley's hidden gem!

It cascades from the Upper Pond and has a small bridge where you can cross over. A walking trail gives guests access to this beautiful area where you can spend time walking, talking and praying.

Bridge going to Gazebo at Christwalk in the Valley


There are (4) bridges and one walk across dam that makes the walking trail easy access from any point of the property.

Crossing streams, brooks, the pond, lake or waterfall, these bridges and dam create yet another enjoyable feature and perfect places for photo opportunities.

pathway to Outdoor Chapel and Chriswalk in the Valley

Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails circle the entire Valley Property.

Only 30 % of the Valley has been used for the retreat facilities. This means 70% of the 55-acres is ready for hiking.

Levels range from easy to moderate due to the fact that the back trails from the Outdoor Chapel go straight up the surrounding mountains. Trails are marked with Bible Verses on wooden signs.

The main trail takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.


While at the Valley, stay keenly aware of your surroundings.

Hawks, deer, ducks, cranes, owls, armadillos and bears have been spotted on the grounds. Our lakes are home to bass, brim, large frogs and turtles.

You will enjoy the great outdoors!


Native Georgia plants and trees make the Valley breathtaking throughout all four seasons!

Azaleas, Mountain Laurel, Rhododendron and Hydrangeas bloom during the springtime and summer. Roses are in full-bloom every where.

Oak trees, pines and dogwoods make up the woods surrounding the property.

Christwalk in the valley wheelhouse


The Wheelhouse is a true historical landmark for Habersham County and with all its nostalgic splendor, the old wheel still turns from the water that originates from the mountains above us.

It is one of the most videoed and photographed spots in this area. Passerby’s can take snapshots from Bear Gap Rd, but the best views are from our Valley Dam that sits above the Wheelhouse.


The Gazebo sits on the backside of the Valley Lake and is the perfect spot for your morning or evening quiet time. This sitting area is surrounded by azalea bushes and mountain laurel.

As you enjoy the scenic beauty around the lake, you are very likely to see bass, brim and frogs splash in the water below. The Gazebo is always calling for a picnic or coffee and dessert!

wooden pergola near lake, picnic tables
Mushroom Tree (vegetation growing around old chimney)

Pergola & Mushroom Tree

The pergola is located at the far side of the lake across the big white bridge.

Wooden vertical posts and cross-beams give structural support to wild roses that bloom during the Springtime. This sitting area houses two large picnic tables and sits across from an old fireplace that has turned into what we call the mushroom tree. The vines have covered the top of the chimney and has the appearance of a large mushroom.

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