The Frog Letters by Diana Rae

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I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to a very special friend of mine (who I’ve known since Middle School!), Diana Rae.  She is such a Woman of Faith and that proves itself out in her book, “The Frog Letters”.  This is a “personal journal” that she wrote, during her time as the “caretaker” for her brother and sister, who were both diagnosed with cancer simultaneously, but with such a profound Godly take… from the standpoint of a ceramic frog… Her testimony, filled with a reality that so many have already experienced in their own lives as well as those who pray it will never happen to them, is beyond encouraging, uplifting and emotionally REAL!!!  Each journal entry in “The Frog Letters”  will capture your heart and touch you in ways as only the Father can with the Truth, that no matter what the circumstance in your life; whether you understand what He is doing or not, He is always near and His Plan is always sure and all He is asking us, in the midst of our storms, is to simply Trust Him… Diana has certainly proven this out in her story and in her everyday life.

Fully Rely On God…  in ALL things!  I personally encourage you to do yourself a favor, regardless of your situation, and get this book… You WILL be Blessed!

Tina Benoit, Exec. Director – Fellowship Valley Ministries

From Diana Rae:

Being the season we celebrate His birth is an ever mindful remembrance of one of the greatest stories I hold dear to my heart. . . the birth of our Savior. The Christ child. God gives each of us a story to tell. Some—He designs to reach many, while others have one sole person in mind. Both narratives are of equal importance to Him, but it’s the ability to share that doesn’t always come easy. Some, such as my beloved sister, were quiet in life. Perhaps His plan all along—to make their voices, the shy ones, so much louder on earth once they’re gone.

It’s humbling hearing others share with me how touched they’ve been while reading our family’s cancer journey, The Frog Letters. I’m grateful to Faith Ventures and consider it a double blessing sharing part of Alline and Bonnie’s story of Two Weak Women and Amazing Grace, as well as Tina’s story of Fellowship Valley Christian Retreat in The Frog Letters. Such great examples of God’s ability to take something ordinary and make it extraordinary!

I wish you an abundance of blessings as God touches others through your story!


The Frog Letters by DianaRae

Based on a true story that has captured hearts, journey into the lives of three siblings who find themselves abruptly living together in their autumn years. A story of extraordinary sibling love, and one family’s adherent to faith in the midst of adversity, as three family members within four months begin their battle with cancer.

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Published by WingSpan Press – November, 2013.

Available through, and other online retailers.

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  1. Excellent! Thank you for sharing such encouraging words!

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